Sustainable why?

The entire process and the concept itself of collections reduces the waste of water, energy and raw materials,  bearing in mind the importance of protecting our planet.

The production is entirely Made in Italy in order to cutting down CO2 emissions and limit the transports environment impact.

The pieces are made out of recycled, natural and regenerated fabrics.

In our collection we use:

  • 100% natural fabrics as Organic Cotton, Hemp, or Silk.
  • Recycled Polyester treated 100% or blended with cotton. This textile comes from Newlife ™, a process entirely Made in Italy, traceable and certified, which uses a unique avant-garde technological model able to convert plastic bottles in a high performance thread both from the aesthetic point of view, and functional and sustainable. Specifically, the use of Newlife ™ allows the saving of 60% in terms of energy, 32% in terms of CO2 emission, and 94% of water. Newlife™ is developed and produced to stand out for design, high performance, high quality and total respect for the environment.
  • Cardato Recycled, a fabric Made in Prato, produced with at least 65% recycled material (old clothing or textile off-cuts), that have measured the environmental impact of its production cycle, taking into account water, energy and CO2 consumption. – Responsible for the certification is the international certification body SGS-Carding is a specific way of processing fibers. The yarns are produced using virgin fibers but also reusing fibers obtained from recycling old clothing or knits, and cuttings of new fabrics used in the garment industry. The important feature of this process is that it can use short fibers and different lengths, in blends of the most variable composition. The result is a yarn with a particular aspect that distinguishes it from the other type of yarn knows as worsted.

I think that there is a big potential in sustainability, it is the future, the awareness is growing, tecnology help us to find new materials and new process with less impact on the planet, every reality at every stage has the possibility to control how much their work is sustainable, from small reality to the big ones. It is possible to adjust each step of the production in order to have also an ethical way of work.

From my point of view, I am proposing a sustainable concept of clothing, I always keep researching new materials and the way to let them more interesting with new techniques. There is no limit , we just need to believe in it and let the people understand that fashion can be glam and stilish but at the same time sustainable and ethical.