LAUNCH OF A NEW PROJECT! FLR by flavialarocca exclusively on QVC Italia


FLR by flavialarocca is a project done exclusively for QVC.

It is based on the main concept of flavialarocca brand, the sustainability, with flavialarocca design.

Dedicated to a contemporary and modern woman who takes care about our planet and the people on it, a woman who wants to be feminine even if she is wearing a knit top and palazzo pants, a dynamic woman.
A student, a daughter, a business-woman, a mother.

This Capsule Collection see the redesign of Spring must-have pieces as the classic white shirt, the chemisier dress, the cropped pants. Some of them as the palazzo pants, the A line dress, the kimono blazer and the wrap skirt maintain also the changeable sign of flavialarocca brand giving the possibility to wear them in more than one way.

The colour palette goes from white, avory and powder pink to denim and pale blue with touch of caramel, spanning from block colour to stripes.
Details as metallic rings or coloured piping come to define pieces as top, shirt, skirt or dress.

The design is based on bold and geometric lines with feminine attitude, a dialogue between seasonal perspectives and a timeless but also modern and functional design.

119746_QVC_FLR by flavia larocca 119774_QVC_FLR by flavia larocca 119773_QVC_FLR by flavia larocca 119771_QVC_FLR by flavia larocca 119768_QVC_FLR by flavia larocca 119747_QVC_FLR by flavia larocca

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