Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2019 Winner

Franca Sozzani GCFA Award for Best Emerging Designer 2019 winner

On september 22nd in Milan, fashion and entertainment’s finest gathered at the iconic Teatro alla Scala for the third edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia, hosted by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana in collaboration with Eco-Age.

The star-studded ceremony saw 12 awards being presented to recipients

Flavia La Rocca received The Franca Sozzani GCFA Award for Best Emerging Designer.

Arizona Muse and Sara Sozzani Maino presented the winner of this year’s Green Carpet Talent Competition Flavia La Rocca with The Franca Sozzani GCFA Award for Best Emerging Designer.

From the “Green Carpet” to a dinner with friends, from the office to the evening at the club.
Following the two main concepts of the brand, Modularity and Sustainability, the dress realized for the
“CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition 2019” can be worn in more than 40 different ways.

The model Ophelia Kumbe wearing the dress realized for the GCTC and Flavia La Rocca.

The realized modular dress is composed of:
3 modules, 1 belt, 4 flounces and an half bow all removable and double-face.
The keys that make the 40 different dresses possible are the use of hidden zippers that allow the modules to be detached and matched again or be used individually, and the buttons/buttonholes that permit an almost infinite play of overlapping, color combinations and volumes.
Even with simple styling games the same modules take on different functions.
The possibility of wearing the garment in more than 40 combinations reduces
the use of water, raw materials and energy in the production process and limit the CO2 emissions.
It also makes the life cycle of the product longer, being a comment on reducing consumption.

The entire dress is made of LENZING TENCELTM.
TENCELTM is a brand that includes lyocell and modal fibers that are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood.
The 3 modules of the base of the dress are made of velvet LENZING TENCELTM and cotton, the upper part of the textile is 100% micro modal TENCELTM, the side that can be touched.
The Bow and the flounces are made of LENZING TENCELTMLUXE a new Lyocell filament yarn with an incredible silky smoothness derived from renewable wood sources in a closed loop process.
TENCELTM is biodegradable, so it comes from nature and can goes back to nature.

Lenzing is a company that believe in the concept of circular economy and closed- loop processes. They dedicate their innovative spirit and engineering excellence to solutions that make best possible use of our natural source material and preserve our planet’s resources.

Both of the special fabrics are from EnzodegliAngiuoni.
Established in 1981, has become a quality style landmark in the furniture
and home textile international scene. This Italian fabric producer follows a philosophy that combines tradition and innovation with know-how and research. Taking into consideration the economic, social and environmental impacts of the global textile industry, EnzodegliAngiuoni is committed to pursuing a business strategy that is respectful of the people and of the environment. The company aims at protecting the planet and its natural resources by adopting responsible environmental management practices, ensuring transparency and traceability, and contributing to the socio-economic development of communities involved in its production.

On the bow there is a net also in TENCELTM. The net is produced in Sicily and it is used in the food industry to contain lemons or oranges.
Add this detail to the dress has been not only a style choice but a message. It means that we have to think in a sustainable way also in our daily life when we go to the supermarket and choose what to buy.

To minimize the impact both of the fabric has been ordered in their natural color and part of them has been dyeing using only natural materials together with Laura Cortinovis who is a master of this kind of dyeing.
It has been done using two different techniques: the standard method of decoction and a new way Laura tested that consist in painting the fabric with a syringe full of color concentrate. This fascinating, sustainable and artistic process allows also to save water ( it has been used less than 3 liters of water having colors left for a second and maybe third dye)
For the colors it has been used ginger, dried goldenrod, red sandalwood, madder and cochineal powder.

The zippers are Nickel free, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified with GOTS certified organic cotton tape from Lampo by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi.
The company not only makes green products, the entire company is oriented to reducing waste and enhancing its use in subsequent productions.

The production is totally integrated and they directly realize every phase of the production cycle in Italy, Made by LAMPO from the beginning to the end, with ensuring compliance with all applicable Italian and European environmental, occupational safety laws and respect for the workers themselves.
Greenpeace Detox signatory, with 130 years of experience, Lanfranchi was always guided by the desire to respect the environment and consumers and to offer to its customers products that are always updated and highly technical.

Last but not least what is hide.
The corset is reinforced to have the possibility to wear it without suspenders, to avoid the use of plastic or glue inside the corset ,between fabric and the lining, there is a cork layer, taken from left over production fabrics.
The Lining is Oeko-Tex 100 and FSC certified lining by Gianni Crespi Foderami made from Naia, a cellulose acetate filament made from natural wood pulp from responsibly managed pine and eucalyptus plantations.
Ribbons are Linen and FSC certified viscose by Nastrificio Achille Valera Lissoni Buttons are 100% Mother of pearl by Gritti Group spa

The dress has been created and manufactured at Cittadellarte, Biella in the Fashion B.E.S.T. studios.
Fashion B.E.S.T. it is now the implementation of a process, of a place of work, of exchange and research aimed at connecting all the links of the fashion chain, from the producer to the final user.

A new original core of a common force of change that aims to make ethical and transparent fashion, a new undisputed standard.
The collective of Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T. is composed of several promising fashion designers who share a conscious and coherent approach to the fashion industry.

“Doing this project I had the proof that if you really believe in something you can go for it doing your best, this is what I am doing in my trip into sustainability and people makes the difference, I have worked with a really great team from the suppliers to Olga, Laura, Valentina, Laura, Carlo, Davide without these people my dress would have been just a sketch.” – Flavia La Rocca


Ph credit: Francio Ferrari – She is Licia Florio

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