Modular Fashion

flavialarocca’s concept is to propose a new attitude towards clothing.

A contemporary and modern way to dress up, starting from style matter, having the possibility to change the outifit and customize your pieces with a very simple action, saving time and space.

Entire collections built on modular concept.

The clothes are composed of interchangeable modules that, through the use of hidden zippers, can be detached and matched again to create different combinations.

Modules from different seasons can be mixed together to create a never ending wardrobe.

The design is based on bold and geometric lines with feminine attitude, a dialogue between seasonal perspectives and a timeless but also modern and functional design.

The Folded Looks



Dedicated to a contemporary, conscious woman a unique set composed  of:

– 3 Modules: Top – Band – Skirt

– 1 Belt

– 2 Suspenders

All in a Small Bag…

… that disclose 8 DIFFERENT OUTFITS.

From morning till evening all in a clutch, without leaving aside the fashion attitude.

In a very small space, there is the possibility to dress up in eight different ways according exactly to what’s happening to a woman or around her: spanning from an ‘office outfit’ composed of a top and a midi skirt, to a mini-dress more adapt to a ‘cocktail’.

For women who travel and stay aroud all day.

For women that change their mind at the last second, however they feel like,  they can dress up to the task.