MUSEUM OF PERMANENTE, Milan. 21st February 2020.


Fluid modules made in TencelLuxe, the eco-botanical version of silk *, in pastel colors ** compose genderless suits, chemisier dresses, suits and slip dresses.

Convertible coats in earth colors for her and him are made of recycled wool ***. Combined with trousers or skirts modules they can be worn short or long.

Denim **** in unusual shades creates corset dresses and suits.

Adjustable drawstrings on the sides of the skirts and on the tops add sensuality and movement to modules with geometric and clean lines.

Removable panels play with volumes together with modular and transformable accessories made of leftover cork from old productions.

All in tone-on-tone play that can be turned upside down with a single action.

Zip and Unzip!

*TENCEL ™ Luxe is the eco-botanical version of silk.

The botanic lyocell filaments are made from wood pulp sourced from sustainable wood in line with Lenzing’s strict Wood and Pulp Policy. They are produced using Lenzing’s closed-loop lyocell production process, which has received the European Award for the Environment from the European Union. This process ensures minimal environmental impact due to low process water, energy use and raw materials consumption.

TENCEL ™ Luxe is entirely biodegradable, it comes from nature and can return to nature.

**The dye is RECYCROMTM, a revolutionary range of sustainable dyes, patented by Officina + 39, which uses recycled used clothing, fibrous material and textile waste to create a “recycled dye powder”. A dye therefore that does not require chemical synthesis, but which derives from a sustainable recycling of processing waste.

***The wool looks are composed of recycled wool supplied by Manteco, a textile company in the Prato district with a strategy and vision that determine the sustainable footprint since 1943.

Obtained from the reuse of old clothes, through mechanical processes, without the use of chemicals, recycled wool is based on a circular economy that allows you to save water, release CO2 into the atmosphere and save energy.

The fabrics are made of recycled wool or blended with Tencel ™, and are designed to be recycled again in the future.

****The denim piece are made of a 12oz, rigid denim constructed using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, and sustainably dyed using Candiani Denim’s water and chemical saving N-Denim technology, in addition to Candiani exclusives – EarthCotton® by Archroma, dye made from cotton plant residues, and Kitotex®, a biodegradable sizing agent derived from shrimp shell waste from the food industry.

The Lampo zips, the key of the innovation, are in nickel free brushed metal (Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified), with New Life recycled polyester ribbon.

All accessories from buttons to ribbons and linings are made with certified natural raw materials.

The production is made by Sartoria E’ in Novara, a project of the Emmaus Cooperative. The cooperative was founded in 1994 with the aim of using work as a key to social reintegration for people in difficulty. The tailoring follows the sustainability criteria of the environments and processes, combining high quality work for its customers with values such as solidarity and attention to others.

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